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Explore Tehran Via Subway

Metro In Tehran

Staying in Tehran even for two days can be exhausting, if you want to discover sightseeing in Tehran while getting stuck in the hectic traffic. You can be easily survived from snarl-ups by using metro system. Luckily, Tehran has a clean, cheap and modern metro, which assists you to ditch the heavy traffic. It almost covers all attractions and works from 5 am till 11 pm. The system is neither as complicated as metro system in Russia, nor as dirty as subway in Paris. It is Iranian version. Respecting to women, the first and the last wagon is allocated for ladies. But women can use mixed wagon as well.

Generally, the announcements in wagons are in Farsi, but the metro maps in both English and Farsi can be found above every second door, so if you can’t understand the station calls, these maps are very useful.

During rush hour in morning and evening, the wagon is packed, please watch out your bags, backpacks and your pockets. You can find some hawkers as well in the wagons. Just don’t get too close to them as some might be pickpockets. However they usually don’t target tourists, because if the locals notice, they’ll gang up on whoever gives you trouble.

 In rush hours, it’s better to avoid the door threshold. You’re better off making your way to the sides or aisles, especially for longer trips, otherwise expect to be pushed as people get in and get out the train. On the other hand, if your stop is approaching, try to make your way to the middle of the door. Because you won’t often have enough time to make your way through the mosh pit of people.  However if you’re a lady, or simply worried about getting off, just raise your voice and say ‘Bebakhshid’ (sounds like ‘bebashid’) meaning excuse me. You’ll find locals respect foreigners, finding you either interesting or funny. The result – just like Moses parting the sea.

How to access attractions by metro?

Most of sightseeings are accessible by using metro system. Persian Walk provides a list naming the nearest stations to sight attractions in the corner of Tehran.

Line 1 (red line)

Tajrish traditional Bazaar, Imamzadeh Saleh Shrine, Darband, Saadabad Royal Palace, Tochal mountains and the beginning of Vali-e Asr Street =>Tajrish Station

 Tabiat (Nature) Bridge, Water and Fire Park, Taleghani Park => Shahid Haghani Station

Artists Parks and Former US embassy =>Taleghani Station

National Museum of Iran, Post Museum, Jewelry Museum, Glassware and Ceramics Museum, 30Tir Street => Imam Khomeini Station

** Meeting point of Free walking tour in Modern Tehran starts here as well. You can find your guide, at the Bob Homayon EXIT. For more information, please read here.

Grand Bazaar, Golestan Palace => Panzdah-e Khordad

** Meeting point of Free walking tour in Old Tehran is entrance of Golestan Palace. You can joint us via this station. For more information, please read here.

South Bus Terminal =>Terminal-Jonoob

Line 2 (dark blue line)

Iran’s parliament building and Masoudieh Palace => Baharestan Station

National Museum of Iran, Post Museum, Jewelry Museum, Glassware and Ceramics Museum and 30-Tir Street => Imam Khomeini Station.

** Meeting point of Free walking tour in Modern Tehran starts here as well. You can find your guide, at the Bob Homayon EXIT. For more information, please read here.

Moghadam Museum => Hassanabad Station

Line 3 (light blue line)

Nyavaran Palace => Nyavaran Station and Nobonad Station

 Alive neighborhood and hang out Café of young and cultivated generation area can be found in the area where Theater-e-Shahr Station is located.

Railway Station => RahAhan Station

Line 4 (yellow line)

Exchange Shops => Ferdowsi Station

 Area full of Hang-out Cafes => Theater-e-Shahr Station

Azadi (Freedome) Tower, West Bus Terminal => Meydane Azadi

Mehrabad Domestic Airport Station

Line 5 (green line)

Chitgar Lake => Chitagar Station

Imam Khomeini Airport Metro

Currently the Imam Khomeini Airport metro works every day from 6:10 AM – 19:30 PM. The operating hours are limited at the moment, but it will probably change in the close future. For using Tehran Airport Metro line, you have to go to “Shahed” station at the almost end of line 1, and then change your train toward the IKIA destination. The entrance will be in front of the Terminal A in the airport. The trains are not that frequent yet and there’s 1 every 80 minutes. Update Imam Khomeini Airport Metro working hours: Line 8 of Tehran metro (Green Line) from IKIA will be connected to Line 1 (Red Line) to provide transportation to the city center for travelers. Through Line 4 (Yellow Line) IKIA will also be connected to Mehrabad Airport. You can download Tehran Subway Map here.

You can also download Tehran Metro Maps onto your IOS and Android devices. Follow these URL’s:




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