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Free walking tour in Italy

PersianWalk has found lots of friends in international world, which dedicate their life and time to the same mission regarding their culture. In this regard, this post is allocated to one of them to introduce themselves by their words.

Free Walking Tour Italia, the place where to find true experiences

I’m sure at least once in your life you have heard about Italy, haven’t you?! The triad Pizza, mandolino, mafia has made Italians famous worldwide, a kind of brand. Yet, is this the true face of Italy? Now that you are finally planning to come, forget about what you think you know, throw away your Lonely Planet guide and follow us in this amazing journey.

As travelers there is something you need to know: to discover Italy and get its mood, don’t look for it in fancy places, fashion boutiques, or expensive restaurants. Real Italy is out in the street, in the people’s heart and faces you will meet. So leave your luggage at the hotel and start walking with us. Free Walking Tour Italia is the first and biggest Italian Free Walking Tour and Experience network, present in more than 22 cities from North to South – including Venice, Bergamo, Verona, Bologna, Pisa, Florence, Naples, Palermo – made by local independent guides and organizations. Seeing the city through the eyes of a local is our motto and that’s what we aim to do. Free Walking Tour is the fastest, funniest and best way to get to know the city you are staying in. If you don’t know where to start, don’t stress yourself with useless information, non-sense maps or fake websites: book your next tour with us and show up at the meeting point. Everything else will follow! We will spend together 2-3 amazing hours walking in the city and getting the most of its history, cultures, vibes, discovering art streets, old and new monuments, hidden places, nice local shops and bars.

Remember: locals always know the best restaurants, bars, shops out of the touristic paths, and they often are likely to share it. If then you like to stay longer with us and perhaps experience something more emotional, we are what you are looking for: unconventional tours, street food experience, trekking, and much more. Visit our website and book your next tour!

Free Walking Tour Italia

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