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Free Walking Tour in Tehran in 20th century

Free Walking Tour in Tehran in 20th century

In this free walking tour, we briefly speak about the history of Iran (Persia) from 3000 BC to present time. Then we’ll discover some spectacular attractions of Tehran in new point of view. In our way we continue the tour to the modernization of Tehran. We’ll walk on streets that was built in last 19th century and first of 20th. Setting out to some unique places of Tehran and being familiar with the process of modernization of Tehran, conversation about latest kingdoms of Iran and the 1921 coup in Tehran.

We walk across the street that called 30 Tir Street, which cross road of religions, food and culture. This street is well known as Religious tolerance street. You will be surprised by trace of various religions in one street, which reflects the spirit peacekeeper of Iranian people.

Moreover, there are different museums located in this street, where each building has its unique story. The smell of food arising from street food booths could make your mouth watery while we are in the middle of tour.

At the end, we will visit two religious places. One of them is the only opened fire temple of Tehran with one the holiest fire in the world and another is one the most important Armenian church.

Sight seeing in Free Walking Tour in Tehran in 20th century:

Time: Sun, Tue, Thu at 10:00 am

Duration:  about 2.5 hours

Meeting Point: In front of Golestan Palace Entrance, find your smiling guide with Persian walk sign. You can contact us with this Cellphone and WhatsApp Number: +989358914604 (Ehsan)

How to reach to Golestan Palace:

1. Take red Metro line and get off at Panzdah Khordad metro station and follow the sign to Golestan Palace, then you reach to Panzdahe Khordad Square, turn left to Davar street and you reach to Golestan Palace (280 m  and 3 min walking time) Image 1

2. Take red metro line and get off at Imam Khomeini Metro station, take Bob Homayoon street down, then turn right to Soor-E-Esrafil St. Finally, turn left to Davar Street and you reach to Golestan Palace. (880 m and 11 min walking time) Image 2

For for information about Tehran Metro please read this article.

Dress code: we will walk through down town and old quarters, which are conservative and traditional environment. We would like to ask you as a respect to their lifestyle, women would choose a dress with a knee-height outfit and do not forget your comfortable shoes.

Fees for Free Walking Tour in Tehran in 20th century: based on tips.


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