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Persian slangs that makes no sense in English

In Farsi, which is spoken in Iran, there are lots of idioms and expressions that have not any sense, if you translate them word by word to English. Some of them are utilized during Taarofing, the Persian etiquette, and the others are coming from metaphors used in culture. Here, some common slangs -translated word by word to English- are listed

Khaste nabashid = don’t be tired

A greeting and a way to recognize and appreciate a person’s hard work. Also, students misuse this phrase at the end of their class in an ironic way to show their teacher to stop teaching…

Khak bar saram = dust on my head.

By using this phrase, you’re basically admitting that what you’ve done is extremely horrible; to the extent that you deserve to bury your head in filth, rather throw dirt on it. This phrase can also be used offensively, changing it to “khak bar saret,” meaning “dust on YOUR head.”

Ghorboonet beram = I will die/destroy myself for you. 

You use this phrase, when you like someone so much, that you can scarify your life for them, I know it is dramatic but also sweet. However, believe me, it is just Taarof.

Zameen khordam = I ate the floor.

When you fall down, you already ate the floor, Ha??? Have no sense?? That is exactly what the title of this post says.

Dooret begardam = I orbit around you.

It refers to a scientific fact that earth rotates around sun and it means you are my sun of life and it is simply a routine Taarof.

Jigaret o bokhoram = I eat your liver.

Jigare mani = you are my liver.

Both idioms are used when you like someone so much and indicates the intense love. This expression is so informal and should not to be used for stranger. However, in these days, men use this slang a lot during flirting with young girls.

Mokham ro khordi = you ate my brain.

It indicates that you are too talkative and you insist on something, which resulted in damaging my brain.

Pedar sag = dog father.

Han?? This is simply an insult that is used when expressing anger, irritation, or disapproval

Jaye shomâ khâli = your place was empty.

It simply means you were missed here.


pesian slang

n ghashang mibine = your eyes see beautifully

It is a poetic way to say thank you

Delam barat tang shode =my heart has become tight for you

It simply means I miss you, you can even add the size of tightness, like the hole of ant’s socks.

Ghabel nadare = it is not valuable for you

It means be my guest. You will hear this idiom a lot, when you are in the middle of shopping and want to bargain, it is the key word of Taarof.

Hava do nafars = the weather is for two people.

When the weather is rainy and a little bit cold, it is the best time to hug your loved one tightly and walk in the park together.

Damet garm =may your breath be warm

It is another way to say thank you and wish a long life for a person, who did a favor for you.

Che daste gol be ab dadi? what flower bouquet did you give to the water?

 It means ”what did you do wrong? / What did you mess up?”

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