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Revolution on Train Tour

Revolution on Train Tour (Paid Tour)

Hop on Metro with our storytellers and get the insight information about Iran during Islamic Revolution, the relation between US and Iran during the hostage crisis and also the story of Iranian during Iran and Iraq war directly from Local. You will hear the story of holy defense of our motherland from Cyrus great time till now.

In our Revolution Tour, we offer you different options (look to the table below) including Ebrat Museum (the prison of Anti Sabotage Joint Committee before Islamic revolution), former US embassy and also holey defense museum. At the end of the tour, you will have this opportunity to visit Tabiat Bridge (Nature Bridge), which is close to holy defense museum.

The price of tour includes entrance fees as well as metro ticket. The tour starts in the morning. Meeting point and the time will be announced in the confirmation reply.

Please name your desired plan in your reservation form.

Revolution on Train Tour Price Includes Time
Plan A 20 Euros / Person US Embassy & Holy Defense Museum 3.5 hours
Plan B 25 Euros / Person Ebrat Museum & Holy Defense Museum 4 hours
Plan C 30 Euros / Person Ebrat Museum, US Embassy & Holy Defense Museum 5 hours




revolution tour

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revolution tour

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