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Shake your inner and outer house in March

I am busy with shaking my house.

Spring is just around the corner, so most people around the world are going to do spring cleaning in alignment of cycles in nature and one of the best places you can start is your home.

Following Iranian ancient rituals, we are going to do the same spring cleaning after long and cold days of hibernations. The month of March sounds like December for Iranian as well as people in countries following Persian cultures (Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Tajikistan). In this time of year, people are super busy for renewal of their life. Why? New Year (Nowruz) is coming soon. Persian New Year is exactly the moment of the spring equinox, which I will talk about this in other post.

Khane Tekani (literally means shaking house) means decluttering our physical environment like houses and work places from debris made during 12 past moths. As principle of Feng shui says, it generates fresh energy, create mental and physical space, and release negative emotions. These times, all Persian carpets are washed, all walls are painted and for sure we make space for something new. These times, people donate extra stuffs, that were not used the whole year to people who need it or they just simply hang it on Kindness wall (Divare- Mehrabani), where people can take it at nights.

Khane Tekani is rooted in our ancient religion, that Zoroastrians’ idea of purifying with cleanliness is a measure for keeping Evil away from the kingdom of Good. Also Islam emphasizes on cleanliness and hygiene and fresh colors and changing lives.

Normally, this is a team work job in families, men are responsible for cleaning windows, walls and heavy works and women are responsible for cupboards and small corners that you usually do not clean every week and lighter works.

It is almost the time when people are thinking about what they have to remove from their souls and mental life. People think about their resolutions for coming New Year while cleaning the houses.

It is one of the nicest costume, which brings joy to family and life. In most Iranian movie, a scene presenting women or man sweeping Persian carpet in foams indicates that it is March and New Year is coming soon.

So are you ready for shaking down your house?

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