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Once upon a time in Tajrish (Paid Walking Tour)

Once upon a time in Tajrish (Paid Walking Tour, Reservation is needed at least 2 Hours Before Starting Time)

What is your plan for one evening in Tehran?

We have a surprise for you.

You can happily participate in our evening walk in north part of Tehran, Tajrish area. We promise you, you will experience something super local with a professional local guide in different vibe.

Discover hidden streets with us, let us amaze you with different snacks (from salty and sour to sweet and soft), street arts, and also hidden Cafes.

In this walking tour, we just touch tiny part of history about this area, but instead we reveal the story of the longest running performance in the world (Ta’azieh) for you and you get familiar with the symbols you will face in your travel through Iran.

We don’t list the sightseeing of what we want to show you here, but instead, we would like to invite you to watch our trailer here:

Are you eager to explore Tajrish like a local? Just make a reservation online and enjoy your AWESOME 2.5 hours walking in the evening with us.

Meeting point: Tajrish Metro station, in front of Ticket booth

Starting time: 19:00

Day: this tour is performed based on reservation, Please reserve this tour at least 2 hours before starting time or you can contact us with this cellphone and WhatsApp number: +989358914604 (Ehsan)

Price: 15 Euros per person

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