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Your name in Farsi

How to write our name in Farsi?

Farsi is written from right to left; 

Its alphabet consists of 32 letters which some of them have a similar sound. Short vowels are not written in Farsi. Each alphabet letter has two forms : Capital & Small. 

Below, you find the Farsi / Persian alphabet. Letters are attached together to form words. Contrary to English, words end in capital letters. 

Are you ready to start? Persianwalk shows you the easiest way to try your name in Farsi.

    1. Write your name in English.                                                          MERSA

    2. Cross out the letters with short vowels.                                        MRSA

    3. Now, write the remained letters from right to left.                         ASRM

    4. Try to find the letters with similar sounds in Farsi alphabet.           م ر س ا

    5. Attach all of the small letters together.                                              مرسا

    6. Use the ending letter as capital.                                                        مرسا


Now try your name based on the following tablet.


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