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Bam is a garden city famous for its gigantic mud-brick complex, Arg-e Bam. Also, the Mazafati dates of Bam are world-famous, and its citrus fruits are in great demand in Iran.

This green miracle, next to the hottest desert in the world, is the result of the complex system of Qanat, the ancient Iranian innovation. Qanats flow inside the city’s body like life vessels.

In 2004, this city was registered with the title of Bam and its cultural landscape in the World Heritage Organization as the first and only city of Iran, whose entire area was registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. The cultural landscape of Bam is a living museum where the interaction between humans and the surrounding natural environment can be seen. A way that has remained since more than 2000 years ago.


Persian Walk proudly offers two tours in Bam in English, German & Arabic languages:

1- Bam Free Walking Tour: Bam Garden City free walking tour is tip-based for curious travelers who want to explore this city like a local. In our Bam free walking tour, you will discover the main elements of Bam and its cultural landscape, the life of the local people, qanat, and agricultural social systems in Bam by walking throw the enchanting garden allies.

**** The tour is tip-based, So you will decide how much the information and stories are worth. If you enjoyed the tour, the suggested amount is around €10 per person (or equal to Rial), although it isn’t rare for tips to go up to €20. 


2- Bam Citadel you (Arg-e Bam): The great citadel of Bam is so eye-catching and famous. We walk together inside the citadel and its interesting ancient history. Our storyteller will tell you stories and history about this superb unique citadel.

This paid walking tour costs €15 per person (or equal to Rial). It includes the entrance fee and guiding fee.


Time: Every day at 3:30 pm (Please book your evening Bam Free Walking tour by 11:00 am, at the latest).

Duration: about 2.30 hours

Meeting Point: In front of Bam Citadel (Arg-e Bam) Main Entrance (Please click here to find us on Google maps), find your smiling guide with the Persian Walk sign or yellow T-shirt.

Find your smiling guide with the Persian walk sign or yellow T-shirt.

You can contact us with this Cellphone and WhatsApp Number: +98 935 891 4604 (Ehsan)

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Photos: Mahdi Mostafaiy & Ehsan Niroumand

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