Every Day Except Fridays

09 : 30 A.M

5 km

Old Tehran Free Walking Tour

"Join free walking tour and be amazed with enchanted oriental life style. Do not forget your comfortable shoes. In this free walking tour, we briefly cover the history of Iran from 3000 BC to present time. (We promise, it is not boring and takes less than 7 minutes) and introduce the influence of Islam on Iranian life style. We will explore different elements of an old Islamic Iranian city structure in one of the old neighborhood of Tehran. More detail, we talk about exclusive Iranian Calendar, National and religious festivals. We promise you by new insight information of this tour, you will visit the other sightseeing of other cities in Iran with new mindset and have a better understanding of an enchanted oriental country."


05 : 30 P.M

5 km

Yazd Free Walking Tour

" Persian Walk proudly runs Yazd free walking tour. Yazd is the UNESCO-registered muddy enchanting city of Iran. Yazd has a lot of hidden gems to show travelers, and it is the best city in Iran for running walking tours. "

Every day

06 : 00 P.M

4 km

Once Upon a Time in Tajrish (Paid Tour)

" What is your plan for one evening in Tehran? We have a surprise for you. You can happily participate in our evening walk in north part of Tehran, Tajrish area. We promise you, you will experience something super local with a professional local guide in different vibe."

Every day

07:00 P.M.

5 km

Isfahan Free Walking Tour

"Walk with our storyteller guides in turquoise Isfahan and get excited about the information you can not find in your travel guide books. We hope you have participated in our free walking in Tehran and touched the rich history of Iran in our special history diagram. In Isfahan Free Walking Tour, you will hear the amazing lifesty."