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Isfahan Alternative Tour (Paid Walking Tour)

Isfahan is an ancient city in central Iran and the 1st destination of tourists. When you step into Isfahan maybe it becomes confusing to prioritize your list of attractions, so we recommend you read theTop 10 things to do in Isfahan” blog here that helps you to know more about Isfahan.

Getting your bearings:

In our daily Isfahan free tour not only we show you the city and talk about people, architecture, traditions, and norms but also we will give you hints and information for the rest of your time in Isfahan. It starts In front of the Qeysarie portal by the pool (Google Map) that is inside the Naghsh-E Jahan square which is the most important attraction of Isfahan.

Isfahan Alternative Tour:

Persian Walk also runs Isfahan Alternative Tour in the afternoon. On this tour, we’ll get familiar with the social life of the people of Isfahan. Visiting the Persian Hammam (Bath) at first and then Zurkhaneh* (Ancient Iranian gymnasium, and visiting the exercising of athletes there) and getting know, how do they work and what were the social roles of them in daily life. 

*Zurkhaneh, means the home of strength, is a traditional Iranian style gym, where athletes exercise ancient sport or Varzesh-e Bastani inside there. Also, you can participate in The Zurkhaneh Tour in Tehran.

Time: Every Day at 04:00 pm.

Duration:  about 3 hours.

Price: 20 Euros per person (The price of the tour includes entrance fees).

Meeting Point: In front of the Ali Gholi Agha historical Bath (Google Map, please click here).

Find your smiling guide with the Persian walk sign.

You can reserve online or you can contact us with this Cellphone and WhatsApp Number: +98 935 891 46 04 (Ehsan) or Email us at for more info.


Isfahan Alternative Tour


Ali Gholi Agha Hammam

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