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Shiraz Free Walking Tour (RESERVATION IS REQUIRED)


Internationally, Shiraz is the well-known brand name of the wine in the world, however, for Iranians, Shiraz is a romantic and relaxed city in which Iranian heroes in poetry and literature like Saadi and Hafez are buried. I hope you know his famous verse of Saadi, Bani Adam, a motto inscribed on a large hand-made carpet on the wall of a meeting room in the United Nations building in New York.

In addition, Achaemenid Empire (550 BC-330 BC) was raised by people who were originally from this district (Fars province). Fars is the Arabized word of Pars, and the word “Persian” is derived from this term.

Persian Walk proudly offers Shiraz free walking tour, which is tip-based for curious travelers who want to explore this city like a local. In our Shiraz free walking tour, you will discover the hidden spots of old shiraz, listen to the story of this city, and can taste the specialties on your tour.

Walk with us in this romantic and enchanted city.

In addition, Persian Walk offers a half-day/full-day paid tour exploring Persepolis, Necropolis, and Pasargadae (the grave of Cyrus the great) with transportation to entertain you with the stories of the Achaemenid dynasty with our storyteller’s guide.

Please keep in mind that the tours are performed based on online reservations. You can book your spot via the website, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook.

After exploring Shiraz with us, I hope you join other Persian Walkers in Isfahan, Tehran Yazd & Bam. Every city has its own stories and local storytellers.

Have an AWESOME time in Iran.

Time: Every day at 4:30 pm (Please book your evening Shiraz Free Walking tour by 11:00 am, at the latest).

Duration: about 3 hours

Meeting Point: In front of the main entrance of the Arg of Karim Khan (Please click here to find us on Google Maps)

Look for your smiling guide with a Persian Walk Orange Umbrella in front of the main entrance of the  Arg of Karim Khan(Karim Khan Citadel)


You can contact us with this cell phone and WhatsApp Number: +98 935 891 4604 (Ehsan)

*****We would like to draw your attention to some points:

Before the collapse of the tourism industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic & recent unrest *and protests* in Iran, our evening walking tours used to be tip-based*, and our local guides performed tours for a group of people every day.
But at the moment, due to the imposed situations, we changed the policy of our tours so that the travelers and guides would be in a win-win situation. In this regard, tours are performed only by reservation, even with one or two persons, and the minimum payment (tip) is 15 euros/person since performing tours is the way that our local guides earn money.
Thank you for understanding the actual situation in Iran, and I am sure you enjoy the priceless information you get from our storytellers. 

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