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Things to do in Tehran

Photos are taken by Mani Ghahremani, Ehsan Niroumand & Annukka Sakkinen

If Iran is still on your bucket list, may this short blog inspire you to plan and organize your enchanting trip. In this post, we make suggestions for the best things to do in Tehran on your first days.

Firstly, we would like to highly recommend you joining two free walking tours run by Persian Walk: Old Tehran and 20th Century Tehran. We tell you about Iran and Tehran’s long history and the practical information you need to know for your journey: such as the currency-knowledge of two different currencies and the concept of Taarof. Based on your interest in nature, history & culture, food and modernity, you can spend your time in Tehran in four categories.


Old Tehran Free Tour

Imamzadeh Yahya

1- Nature

 Skiing, hiking, and mountain climbing

One of the best things to do in Tehran from November to March is skiing. You can ski in Dizin Ski Resort (the biggest ski resort in the Middle East),  Shemshak Ski Resort & Complex, and Tochal Telecabin at a very reasonable price. The area around Tochal Telecabin is called Bame Tehran and it is an excellent place to walk at night to have a panoramic view of Tehran. However, you can also hike or climb the mountains there and enjoy a pleasant vibe and fresh air. High-quality restaurants and hotels are ready to host you. You can email us to have reasonable offers based on your request, either skiing or hiking.

Dizin ski resort

Tehran has many parks, and some of them have prominent attractions in them. Ab-o-Atash Park & Taleghani Forest park are connected via Tabiat bridge. A beautiful modern bridge with many cafes and restaurants inside and around it like Rahe Choobi.

Things to do in Tehran

Tabiat Bridge

National Botanical Garden of Iran is another vast, spectacular place with different gardens, diverse nature of Iran, Asia, America, Europe, etc., and the insect museum.

Tehran Free Tour

National Botanical Garden of Iran

Chitgar Lake is the biggest lake in Tehran that has excellent nightlife. You can also find an amusement park, restaurants, cafes, Bam Land shopping mall, or rent a boat for some boating or fishing. Persian Walk runs the Super Modern Tehran Tour there and shows you another part of the Iranian lifestyle.

Things to do in Tehran

Chitgar Lake

2- History & Culture

Tehran has many galleries, bazaars, and more than 60 museums and palaces. National Museum of Iran, The Treasury of National Jewels, Golestan Palace, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (The most extraordinary collection of modern European and American paintings outside of North America and Europe), Malek National Library and Museum, Niavaran Palace Complex, Saadabad Historical Complex, Azadi Tower, and Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran (Abgineh Museum) are the top favourite things to do in Tehran. Please keep in mind that the information is not described well in English, and there is no Audio or personal guide in all museums. Consequently, in The Museum Tour which is provided by Persian Walk we provide you, professional guides for any museums you are interested in. Please write to us about your needs, and we are at your service.

Museum Tour

National Museum of Iran

We also offer a Shopping tour for the ones who love to experience various bazaars in Tehran.

Things to do in Tehran

Tehran Grand Bazaar

When the name of Iran-US is mentioned in the western media, the image of horror is the stereotype. Let’s avoid the imposed stereotype and listen to the other side of the conflict. By joining The Revolution on Train Tour, our storytellers disclose to you the essential information regarding the Islamic revolution, hostage crisis, and Iran-Iraq war and reveal the daily life under international sanctions, which is missing in western media. So far, this tour is one of the favourite things to do in Tehran for travellers in our start-up.

Things to do in Tehran

The Former US Embassy

The ancient sport of Iranians in ancient gymnasiums originates in Mithraism and the most profound times in Iran’s long history. Nowadays, many of them are still active, and the athletes exercise there with exceptional music. Persian Walk runs Zurkhaneh Tour in Tehran & Isfahan.

Things to do in Tehran


3- Food Exploring

The pleasure of eating and also exploring new tastes, new dishes, and new fruit is one of the best parts of travel. wandering 30-Tir Street, especially after sunset, is highly recommended to touch local street food’s vibes (you can walk through the street in 20th Century Tehran free tour).

Also, do not miss this opportunity to discover the food and fruit market and check out the hidden corner in the north of Tehran by locals in the Once Upon a Time in Tajrish Tour by Persian Walk.

Things to do in Tehran

Tajrish Bazaar

Moreover, hiking in the Darband area and eating Kebab in open-restaurants is one of the must-do in your spare time in Tehran. You can reach there from Tajrish easily.

Tehran-night life can be touched through having dinner at cafes and restaurants that are located in restored houses from the Qajar and Pahlavi Dynasties. In this way you get the opportunity to imagine yourself stepping back in the past and dining with our ancestors. Persian Walk runs a dinner and café tour for you. Please send your request via email, and we’ll provide you the best!

Things to do in Tehran

Timcheh Akbarian

4- Modernity:

Tehran also has a very modern face. In Tehran, you can easily find modern malls, skyscrapers, cars & hobbies on different corners of Tehran.

Persian Walk runs the Super Modern Tehran Tour and shows you another part of the Iranian lifestyle.

Things to do in Tehran

Iran Mall

Our team is at your service based on your wishes, either free walking tours or even a Personalized Tour.  Quickly write us an email, and we’ll help you as far as we can.

Tehran Free Walking Tour

Azadi Tower- Persian Walk’s Personalized Tour

We also recommend you to read the article Why spending longer than a day in Tehran is worth your while to know more things to do in Tehran.

See you soon.

Persian Walk Team

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