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Yazd Free Walking Tour

Persian Walk proudly runs Yazd free walking tour. Yazd is the UNESCO-registered muddy enchanting city of Iran.

Yazd has a lot of hidden gems to show travelers, and it is the best city in Iran for running walking tours.

Yazd is located by the central desert of Iran, and they use Baadgir (Wind Tower) to cool their houses. Baadgirs are the city’s symbol, and on our walking tours, you can visit them from the rooftops. Amir, our local tour guide in Yazd, has worked there for over seven years and knows the city well. You will explore the city like locals by Persian Walk.

Sightseeing in Yazd Free Walking Tour A (Classic Yazd walking tour):

Sightseeing in Yazd Free Walking Tour B (ALternativewalking tour):

Time: Every day at 5.30 pm (Please book your morning tour by 23:00, on the previous evening, at the latest)

Duration:  about 2.5 hours

Meeting Point: In front of the Yazd Jameh Mosque Main Entrance (Google Map), find your smiling guide with the Persian Walk sign.

****We would like to draw your attention to some points:

Before the collapse of the tourism industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic & recent unrest *and protests* in Iran, our morning walking tours used to be tip-based*, and our local guides performed tours for a group of people every day.
But at the moment, due to the imposed situations, we changed the policy of our tours so that the travelers and guides would be in a win-win situation. In this regard, tours are performed only by reservation, even with one or two persons, and the minimum payment (tip) is 10 euros per person since performing tours is how our local guides earn money.
Thank you for understanding the situation in Iran, and I am sure you enjoy the priceless information you get from our storytellers. 

Please check your spam or junk email if you have not received the confirmation email from Persian Walk.

You can contact us with this Cell phone and WhatsApp Number: +98 933 233 48 10 (Amir)

Dress code: We will walk through downtown and old quarters, which are the conservative and traditional environments. We want to ask you with respect to their lifestyle, women would choose a dress with a knee-height outfit and do not forget your comfortable shoes.


Free walking Tour Yazd

Yazd tour

Yazd free Walking Tour

Free Walking Tour Yazd

Free Walking Tour Yazd

Yazd Walking Tour


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